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Linen Management Events

Linen Management Events

October 13, 2021  |  1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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Digital Laundry Chat Round Table

3 dates and times to choose from.

LES would like to let you know that based on the current health situation with COVID-19, we have made the decision to take all of our events to the digital platform. Our events listed above are all digital, and require registration to attend.

What Events?

We offer a variety of training seminars suitable for both on-premise laundry facilities and coin-operated ones as well. Throughout the year we also attend a variety of trade shows. All events allow you to meet us face to face and give you the opportunity to get special discounts on equipment or service. Our training seminars and trade show are all free to attend, but registration is required.


Why Free Events and Training?

We know how easy it is to get so involved in your day-to-day routine, that you may forget to continue to learn about this ever-changing industry. At L.E.S., we want to give you the opportunity to learn all that you can, at no cost to you.

You probably know that improper laundry procedures and maintenance snafus will eventually lead to costly repairs and even downtime. And because we know this all too well, it’s our job to help you prevent these situations entirely. Our top priority is to help you run a proactive successful laundry facility. We want to see you succeed.


What is Linen Management About?

We partner with Weiss Bros to bring you an event that will teach you things from both the LES (Equipment) and the Weiss Bros. (Chemical) side of things. This event is more of a round table event where you tell us what you want to learn and we get you the answers. There is a small fee for this event.

Who Would Benefit?


What’s Required Of You?

It’s easy, all that you have to do is register for the event. Then watch your email box for your confirmation and calendar reminder. The day before the event we will give you a call to remind you about the event.