Are Laundromats a Dying Business? Picture of a profitable laundromat built by LES

Are Laundromats a Dying Business?

Are Laundromats a Dying Business

Laundromats are by far, NOT a dying business. As a matter of fact, more and more people are looking to them as a viable investment opportunity. 

Rather than stocks, bonds, etc… They want to reinvest their available cash or retirement plan into tangible assets with historically consistent ROI. Laundromats give investors the ability to obtain depreciation benefits while placing their money into a proven business model. 

Increasing your laundromat profitability by Steve Clark CEO of Laundry Equipment Services, Inc.

Do More With LESS

In the economy of 2022 when the cost of living is increasing and the financial world is so volatile, current laundromat owners are reinvesting funds into their existing businesses.

They are also expanding into additional laundromat locations and offering additional services to an ever-increasing immigrant population.

spot laundromat startup by LES

Rising Costs Make Laundromats a Sure Investment

With constant increases in utility rates, self-serve laundromats are becoming more important to customers who may not be able to afford or simply do not want to pay for these historic increases.

At the same time, you have families requiring dual incomes and increasingly busier lifestyles who will gladly take advantage of WDF or pick-up and delivery services. This gives investors a tremendous opportunity to do more with their investments.

Laundromats are still and have always been a good investment. Remember Americans are having EVERYTHING delivered to them these days, and laundry is no exception. Laundromats are NOT a dying business, they are here to stay.


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