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What Brands Of Laundry Equipment Do You Sell?

Here at LES we currently offer you four brands of laundry equipment to choose from.

Alliance Brands of Laundry Equipment

Huebsch ?? gives you superior quality and the ultimate design options that you’ve come to expect. We are proudly a Huebsch distributor to the Mid-Atlantic region and have served the laundry industry since 1991. This is one of those brands of laundry equipment that surpasses all others. Quality, innovation, and affordability all by the makers of Speed Queen.

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OPL On Premises Speed Queen SST

LES also offers you a Speed Queen ??, OPL or Coin unit with a smaller footprint for those who are limited by space. As you know, Speed Queen is a beloved household name since 1908 and one that you can depend on to get the job done. As a result, their brand is the queen of speed, and this space-saving unit allows you to maximize your laundry room’s efficiency. Don’t delay, request a quote today for this stack washer/dryer unit.

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Electrolux Laundry Equipment

On the other hand, Electrolux gives you a fast turn around time while also offering you quality and affordability. Known best for their household small appliances, they rival all others as well in the commercial laundry industry. For the fastest lead times, this is the laundry equipment that will get it done.

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Fagor TP Series 450-G Washers

Fagor Laundry Equipment

Fagor is a name that you can depend on in the laundry industry, and it offers you many options such as their Wet Cleaning and KARE capabilities. They also offer you their S.A.F.E system dryers to ensure that your laundry facility remains safe from fires.

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LES is the area’s leading distributor of commercial laundry equipment since 1991. As a result, you can trust us to get you the equipment that will work best for your laundry’s needs. Give us a call, browse the equipment or request a quote today.

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