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Buy a Laundromat

Available Startup Opportunities

– Baltimore, MD Laundromat To Be Built

Ready to buy a laundromat? This recently vacated, laundromat in an ideal location in Baltimore, MD. This 3500 sq ft laundromat opportunity will go fast so please call me or my team today for more information. 


– Bowie, MD Laundromat To Be Built

Here is another great opportunity to buy a laundromat. This 2,000 Sq Ft facility in Bowie, MD. Owner wants a laundromat in their facility. We have ran the demographics and the location is ideal for a laundromat. We need to move fast. Call today!


– Alexandria, VA Laundromat To Be Built

8,000 Sq Ft facility in a busy shopping center. Owner wants a valuable laundromat in the facility. We have the demographics and a store floor plan ready to go. Call our team today to start the process! Great investment opportunity in Alexandria, VA


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Here at LES we work closely with many realtors and brokers to bring you locations that are suitable for a laundromat. If you are ready to start a laundromat, we have locations ready to go.

Each location is carefully reviewed by our team of experts to make sure that it is the ideal demographics for a profitable laundromat facility.

Plus each location listed above, has been brought to us by the facility owner. They want a laundromat in their facility so you can’t go wrong with any of these locations.

Whether you are an experienced laundromat owner or new to the industry, we can help you build your dream laundromat in one of these ideal locations tomorrow.

For details on each location and to find out more about what we can do for you, give us a call today at 800-866-6905. We are the laundromat experts and can make your dream a reality.