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Coin Laundry Equipment

You collect the money from your coin washers and dryers, keep them clean and serviced. But generally, you don’t give you laundry equipment too much thought. So maybe you don’t realize all that your laundry equipment can do for you. Or, what it has to offer your customers. Coin laundry equipment today is vastly different from the laundromat equipment of thirty years ago.

Aging Coin Laundry Equipment

Customer getting old while waiting fro laundry to finish

Maybe your machines are 30 years old or older, and you want new equipment but think you can’t afford it. Your customers are aging while they wait for their laundry to get done, and you are spending twice as much on gas, water bills. And your laundry staff spend more time waiting for the laundry to get done than they do serving the customers.

Modern commercial laundromat

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Alliance Laundry Systems, Ripon, WI

By The Makers Of Speed Queen

Here at LES, we work with Alliance Laundry Systems to bring you only the best in coin laundry equipment. That’s why we sell you Huebsch coin laundry equipment. Many people don’t realize that Huebsch and Speed Queen are made by the same company. Alliance Laundry Systems is headquartered in Ripon, WI. Alliance is a U.S. based business that has been bringing you their Speed Queen and Huebsch brands since 1908.

The company focused on innovations then, and it hasn’t stopped since:

Speed Queen by Alliance Laundry Systems at Laundry Equipment Services

  • 1911: first electric motor
  • 1915: swinging wringer added
  • 1922: nickel-copper tubs added
  • 1928: brand name changed to Speed Queen
  • 1939: tubs changed to stainless steel (still in use today)
  • 1942-1945: WWII era Speed Queen kept its innovative mindset but only manufactured 20MM shells and parts for military equipment – they ran their plant 24 hours a day!
  • 1958: automatic washers and dryers added
  • TODAY:  Alliance Laundry continues to bring you only the quality that you have come to expect in your home and also in your business.  They’ve taken the Speed Queen innovations, Huebsch patents (31 so far!) and tested them rigorously before they are installed in your business.

Why A Distributor

Amy's Laundry Install by Laundry Equipment Services

Laundry is what we do here at LES and as an Alliance distributor, we endeavor to do more and bring you only the best. The best OEM parts, Huebsch equipment, and superior US-based customer service. Plus our annual events and U.S. based customer service set us apart from the others. We dare you to Discover the L.E.S. difference for yourself that LES is more.  Check out our upcoming events, and our recent install gallery or see our customer testimonials.

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