Coin Laundry Equipment

Coin And Card Vend Equipment

hct/hcn coin laundry equipment washer extractor, huebsch commercial washerHCT Coin Front-Load Washer

20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb capacities.

HTO  Coin Tumbler

25-35 & 55 lb capacities.

HT series 75lb vended dryerHTO Coin Tumbler

50-75 lb capacities.

hwn huebsch vended top load rear control commercial washer

HWN Coin Top Load Washer

Galaxy control, coin or card compatible.

hde vended front load coin operated dryer

HDE Coin Dryer

Available as coin or card operated.

Why Huebsch Coin Laundry Equipment

We sell Huebsch coin laundry equipment because we trust the design and want only the best for our customers. These coin operated washer and dryer units are made in Ripon Wisconsin by Alliance Laundry Systems. Huebsch is a name you can depend on since 1907.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of sizes and variations. including single pocket and stack washers and dryers for coin laundromats, guest laundry services and more.

Huebsch Vended Laundry Equipment galaxy control overlays coin laundry equipment

Fully Customizable

Customize the look of the washer or dryer to update your laundromat. Choose from slate, citron or cityscape. Modernize your laundromat, and set it apart from the competition.

Choose the G force, customize the controls, get the size and configuration that will meet your customer’s needs, and just in case you aren’t sure what you need, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for.

Why Should I Replace My Laundry Equipment

If your laundry equipment is 10 years old or older you are losing money on every turn. Our machines use fewer utilities than our competition which promises an increase in profitability. We also offer you a variety of control features to save you even more, and because our machines consume 33 percent less water per cycle you will be more environmentally friendly.

huebsch pay benefits coin laundry equipment

Coin Laundry Case Studies

Our team has your back throughout every stage of the equipment purchase process. We will help you make the right decisions for your laundry needs. Check out our case studies for a better understanding of what we will provide for each and every customer. Discover the difference for yourself.

laundromat case study drawing

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