Coin Operated Speed Queen Stackable SST

Stack Washer/Dryer

This coin operated Speed Queen Stackable SST vended stack washer/dryer unit is efficient, compact,  and offers you all of the benefits of a Speed Queen 30 or 50 pound washer-extractor and tumbler dryer.

coin operated speed queen stack washer/dryer unit


Coin Operated Speed Queen Stacked Washer Extractor

Coin Operated Speed Queen Features

Designed to produce maximum ROI per square foot for laundries where space is at a premium. A flush-mounted soap dispenser contributes to the machine’s sleek, modern design, that includes stainless steel with chrome accents.

Minimal front fasteners gives quick access to key washer-extractor components to improve serviceability. And, the tumble dryer features two cycle modifiers for additional profit potential.

This is a great product for owners to differentiate their store from the competition. The stack provides customers an all-in-one option, with no need to use a laundry cart to transfer loads across the store to the tumble dryer section.

SST Product Features:

Quantum View Speed Queen

Coin Operated Speed Queen Stackable SST QUANTUM TOUCH CONTROL

  • User-friendly screens with operating instructions built in as part of the control
  • Washer-Extractor:
    15 total cycle options, 3 basic cycles, 1 custom cycle, 3 basic temperature options
  • Tumble Dryer:
    5 basic cycles (high, medium, low, delicate, no heat)
  • Easy-to-understand cycle modifier prompts will encourage your customers to customize their dry
  • Flexible pricing & additional revenue opportunities with customizable cycle modifiers, time-of-day pricing and lucky cycle options
  • 30+ languages available
  • On-screen timer so your customers know exactly how much time their cycle will take
  • Speed Cycle option for those who want to get in and out quickly
  • Flexible Payment Options – Coin, Card, Mobile, Cash
  • Moisture Sensors
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Stainless Steel Wash
  • Delay Start

Available Options

Quantum Gold Vended

Quantum Touch Control

Quantum Touch Control


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