Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair Near Me

With over 20 years of experience, we are pleased to offer you commercial laundry equipment repair services you can trust. For all major brands of coin or on-premise (OPL) commercial laundry equipment. And since 1991 LES has been offering services to DC, MD, VA, WV & PA, Click below to schedule a service today.

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Some Of Our Service Technicians

Commercial Laundry Repairs Service Technician Brad Rich


Commercial Laundry Service Technician Jr. Schatz


Commercial Laundry Service Technician richard maxwell


Who Does LES Service?

About Us Laundry Equipment Services serves Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, West Virginia

LES offers commercial laundry repair services to any commercial laundry customers in Baltimore, District of Columbia Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Some of our clients include The White House, spas, motels, hotels, and more.

What Does LES Service?

ADC, Milnor, Dexter, Electrolux, IPSO, UniMac, Speed Queen and more

We provide laundry machine repairs for all commercial laundry equipment, including washers, tumblers, and ironers. Whether OPL or coin-operated it doesn’t matter, we repair all types of commercial laundry equipment.


Our technicians are trained to service all brands of commercial laundry equipment. This includes Milnor, Chicago, UniMac, Dexter, Electrolux, Speed Queen, Huebsch, etc…

What Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair Services Do We Offer?

Our laundry equipment services include equipment repair, as well as routine, scheduled preventive maintenance, equipment installation, and dryer duct cleaning. It’s our highest priority to provide your commercial washers and commercial dryers/tumblers with quality laundry equipment repair services.

commercial laundry repair preventive maintenance

commercial laundry repair Duct Cleaning

commercial laundry repair - equipment installation

commercial laundry repair - guest laundry services

Why Choose LES For Your Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair

Commercial Laundry Service

Quality Service

Quality service sets us apart from our competitors, and as a local, family-owned and operated company you can benefit from our 30+ years of experience.

Knowledgeable Service

We are a service-first commercial laundry equipment company. And our team of factory-trained service technicians is here to serve you. Each of our technicians undergoes rigorous monthly training. This training allows them to stay up to date on the most recent technological advances. As a result, we guarantee that our technicians will leave your piece of equipment and facility, even better than they found it.

U.S. Based Customer Service

Let LES keep your equipment running and minimize costly downtime. Because we know that you have a business that can’t wait. So, give us a call at 800-866-6905 and speak to one of our knowledgable, factory trained, US-based customer service reps today.

Scheduling commercial laundry repair services for your laundry equipment is easy. Just call 800-866-6905 or email our team today.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair Free Training

Fall Service School

Throughout the year we offer you a wide variety of free events to train you and your team. Every event is geared toward your specific needs. From our Fall Service School to our Linen Management Courses.

At each of these events, you’ll be able to ask questions and work directly with the staff from LES. We encourage you to take part in as many of these events as you can.

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