Customer Testimonial – Tony

Glen Burnie MD

K & Y Laundromat Woodbridge, VA

“When I made the decision to buy another laundromat, I did not want to make an immediate purchase. I wanted to wait until the right opportunity and location became available. In June, 2013 I opened my first laundromat store with LES and  Six years later I was driving through Woodbridge, Virginia and passed a laundromat in a strip mall that was for sale. After learning more about the location and previous business, I believed this was the perfect fit to launch my second laundry industry.


With the right price and a great location, I purchased the store in May 1, 2019. The 1,460-square-foot store, which I named M&C Laundromat, serves a highly populated residential neighborhood with many apartment buildings and people who rely on vended laundry. Since the location was in poor condition when I took it over, including non-functional equipment from numerous manufacturers and inefficient lighting,I Knew it needed a complete overhaul.


Selecting a Dependable Distributor

After meeting with several distributors and looking over the varying equipment options, I chose to work with Laundry Equipment & Services Inc. (LES), based in Hagerstown, MD, due to their excellent customer service and equipment offering.


LES is great – they gave me better equipment, a better offer and therefore better opportunities.They helped with selecting the perfect equipment mix, and I trusted their advice.


The M&C Laundromat LLC remodel included installing all new lighting, flooring, tile work and a brand-new bathroom, in addition to adding a new suite of Huebsch laundry equipment. I tapped the LES team to advise me on many aspects of my store, including the equipment mix and the new layout for the machines.


The store’s new equipment mix included 20 washers in 20-, 30- and 60-pound capacities, each with Galaxy™ 600 controls, and 22 new tumble dryers. Additionally, I selected washer-extractors with the Huebsch eBoost™ technology, which greatly increases efficiency to help reduce utility costs. Each of the new stainless steel, coin-operated machines also came with an extended warranty. In fact, the warranty and utility savings were the biggest factors in my decision to choose Huebsch equipment over other manufacturers.
I wanted to make sure I got a good warranty on the equipment, and Huebsch laundry manufacturer offered the best one. Since installing the equipment, the LES team and Huebsch representatives have continued to be a very helpful resource. They are available any time I call for help, whether it’s for parts, service or a quick question.


I also worked with Huebsch Financial to finance the new equipment, and they developed a finance program tailored to my specific needs.


Beyond replacing the old equipment, I wanted to spruce up the interior of the laundromat to make the place more enjoyable and comfortable for customers. I enlisted the help of my family for the aesthetics, including paint colors and décor. I selected cheerful and bright colors to draw customers in and make them feel at home. I also offer vending machines and video games for added customer convenience.


Additionally, I knew that to create an even better customer experience, I would need welcoming and helpful employees, especially since I would not be in the store full time with my work schedule. I took extra time to interview and select outgoing, friendly employees to staff the laundromat, as well as help me operate some of my other profit centers. My three employees (two full-time and one part-time) run the wash-dry-fold service.


All of the decisions and upgrades I made were important to help set my business apart from competitors in the area.


There are two other laundromats located within a two-mile radius. All of the work I put into the store to offer a clean and updated design was well worth the six-week renovation time.”