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Signs That Your Ductwork Needs To Be Cleaned


  • Damp Clothes After Drying

    • If your customers or your company’s laundry is still damp after a normal dry cycle or they smell musty this is a sign that the airflow is not as good as it should be. We recommend that you get your ductwork cleaned at least every 6 months, but if you have a very busy laundry facility it may be more. We can set up a plan for your company.


  • Increased Drying Time

    • If the dryer is loaded properly and your clothes are taking more than one dry cycle to complete then it may be time to clean that ductwork or vent. Let us come out and check it out.


  • Dryer Hot To The Touch

    • We are all about preventing dryer fires, and this is the best way that we know of to do that. If your ductwork is clogged your dryer isn’t getting the ventilation that it needs. Getting it unclogged will save you energy, time and money.


  • Dryer Will Not Run At All

    • If your dryer just won’t run at all, then your ductwork may be clogged and causing it to shut off as a precaution. We can take a look at your situation and determine what is needed to get you up and running.

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What You Can Expect From LES

The Laundry Duct Cleaning Process


Your dryer duct cleaning schedule will vary depending on your business. But ductwork should be cleaned at least one time annually.

When you call to schedule your cleaning we will assess your business needs, size, and the volume of laundry that you do. This will allow us to set you up with a plan that will keep your ductwork clean.

  1. Our certified service technicians will arrive at your location dressed in LES logoed apparel for your peace of mind.
  2. They will disconnect the exhaust duct from the rear of the dryer and using specialized industry dryer duct cleaning equipment they will clean your ductwork from the equipment all the way to the roof.
  3. Once complete we will reassemble and test everything for proper operation and airflow cfm from the dryers to the exhaust.

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Laundry Duct Cleaning Before and after Dryer duct cleaning hagerstown, md

Laundry Duct Cleaning Before and After Photo

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