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Eastern Funding the Laundry Financing Experts

Eastern Funding

Eastern Funding, LLC. offers commercial financing solutions that are laundry industry specific. Their experience with the laundry industry makes the finance process smooth and easy from conception to completion.

Eastern Funding, LLC. will meet your individual needs of both finance terms and desired amount for project completion in a timely manner.

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Huebsch Financial offering expert laundromat financing options

Huebsch Financial

Backed by the global leader in commercial laundry, Alliance Laundry Systems, Huebsch® has the experience, knowledge and resources to offer unmatched finance solutions designed specifically for the laundry industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new store owner, purchasing new equipment or refinancing, Huebsch Financial understands your business and cares about your goals. Our team of laundry experts can develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific needs.

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Current Financing Offers

Because all we do is laundry, we know all about the current financial offers available to the laundry industry. Some offers come directly from the financing companies, and sometimes we offer our own options.

For all of the latest coupons, deals and financing options, check out our specials page. This page features both Coin and OPL specials.

There Is a Finance Option For You

Whether you have 1 washer or 5000 washers, we can help. There are thousands of laundry industries in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. that need financing every day.

Vended Laundry

Ready to start your laundromat? We will work with you to review the demographics for your laundromat and make sure that the location you chose is ideal. After that, we will draw up a store plan that you love, and then help you get the financing you need.

If your laundromat needs a re-tool, we’d love to help. We can get you a quote and the financing too.

Multi-Housing / Guest Laundry

If you use our Free guest laundry program then you won’t need equipment financing at all. However, there are times when you are locked into a contract, and need to replace the equipment on your own. If that happens, don’t despair. Our sales team will work with you to get you the financing you need.

On-Premise / OPL

Ready to install a new tumbler or washer? Whether you want or need new OPL equipment, we can work with you to get you a quote and then help you get the financing that is best for you.
Be sure to ask us about any current financing specials that may be available.

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