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Guest Laundry Services

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Why Trust LES?

You have laundry, and we have the experience. Here are some reasons why you should use LES for your guest laundry needs.

  • Local, family owned and operated
  • Top of the line commercial laundry equipment
  • Energy efficient equipment
  • Fast, efficient and local service and collection
  • Simple lease terms
  • Competitive commission
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Professional installation
  • Maintenance by Alliance certified service technicians
  • We serve the MD, DC, VA, WV and DE area

Who Should Have It?

Do you own a business in Maryland, West Virginia or Virginia* that could benefit from providing guest laundry services to your customers? LES offers you the opportunity to provide this service to your customers at a profit to you and no cost at all.

  • Hotels
  • Colleges
  • Motels
  • Truck stops
  • Condos
  • Apartments / Multi-housing units
  • Nursing homes
  • And many others can benefit from this option.

What are Guest Laundry Services?

This is a free way for you to improve your business. We give you the ability to provide your customers with state of the art Huebsch coin or card operated commercial laundry equipment at absolutely no cost to you.  We know what it means to be able to do more for your customer, and this will allow them to do their laundry right on your premises.

How Guest Laundry Works

  • Inspect the site.
  • Review the options with you.
  • Once approved we give you a sign on bonus! (ask our sales rep about this when calling or filling out the form).
  • Remove your existing equipment, if any exists.
  • Install brand new Huebsch top/front load commercial coin/card washer(s) and dryer(s) as needed. Stacking units are available.
  • Provide soap dispensers – wall mounted as needed.
  • Provide coin changers for locations as needed.
  • Maintain the equipment and soap inventory
  • Collect the proceeds.
  • Disperse a percentage of the proceeds to whomever you choose on a monthly basis
  • Install in virtually ANY guest laundry; locations include, Hotels/Motels, Nursing Homes, Multi-Housing Units, Campgrounds, Resorts, etc.

Guest Laundry Service Inquiry

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*note that our ability to provide these services will be determined based on our territory, and the ability to serve you well. Call to find out if we can help your business.