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Huebsch’s HFN vended washer-extractor with Galaxy control machines takes quality and reliable performance to new heights. It’s increased spin speed greatly increases efficiency and allows you to get customers in and out faster. More durable than ever, it will reduce your utility expenses and will provide a better laundry experience for your customers. For profitability, reliability and ease of use, Huebsch is the answer.

HFN Galaxy 600 Controls

Huebsch galaxy control overlays

A variety of cycle selections

The HFN washer offers you six cycle selections and multilevel pricing meaning more opportunity for profit, while time-of-day pricing helps increase turns during slow times.


Extra wash and rinse keys

These options enable customers to tailor wash cycles—at premium vend prices.


Infrared communication

In the past, programming 10 machines could take as long as an hour. With the Galaxy infrared communication port and easy programming, owners with a PDA or PC can do it in less than 10 minutes. Time saved = money saved.

Cutting-edge Balance Sensing System

Galaxy front load washer extractor HFN series Huebsch Stainless Steel

An updated suspension and new sensing technologies combine to redistribute loads and maintain cycle times – resulting in reduced utility costs, shorter wait times and increased turns through your store.

10-degree tilted control panel

Improved control visibility and ease of use make for ideal user experience.

HFN Product Features:

  • Improved HFN technology incredible 440 G-Force, removing more water for shorter drying times and lower energy bills. In fact, it takes 33 percent less electrical energy to run and 11 percent less water than two-speed models.
  • Cutting-edge balance-sensing system
  • Inner & outer stainless-steel tubs
  • Unmatched durability
  • 20% larger capacity
  • Galaxy 600 controls (Huebsch Command compatible)

Available Color Options


Galaxy front load washer extractor HFN series Huebsch White


Galaxy front load washer extractor HFN series Huebsch Citron



Galaxy front load washer extractor HFN series Huebsch Cityscape

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