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LES is part of the Huebsch® distributor network, and serves the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. With thousands of Huebsch washer and dryer installs under our belt, we work hard to serve you well.

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Industry Leading Brand

Huebsch washers and dryers have superior quality and are a cut above in technology. Everything from the gleaming finish to the clean lines, and hard-working interior. Each washer and dryer is built to last.

Huebsch has 31 registered patents and offers innovation that makes them the best in the industry.

Huebsch Washer Galaxy Controls

Available Huebsch Washer Technology

  • Galaxy™
    • Multi-level vend pricing
    • Cycle modifiers
    • Time-of-day pricing
    • 24 customizable cycle selections
  • Galaxy™ Touch
    • 7″, full-color touch-screen display
    • User-friendly screen
    • Multiple languages
    • On-screen timer
  • eBoost™
    • Increase efficiency with 200G-force extraction
  • App-Based Payment System
    • Cloud-based payment system.
  • Huebsch Command
    • Wireless
    • Cloud-based monitoring system



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Huebsch Available Models

  • Vended Hardmount Washer-Extractor
  • Vended Top Load Washer
  • Vended Stack Washer and Dryer
  • Vended Softmount Washer-Extractor
  • OPL Hardmount Washer
  • OPL Softmount Washer
  • OPL Stack Washer and Dryer

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Huebsch washer warranty

Huebsch Washer Warranty

Transferrable warranty on new equipment purchases.

10-year extended warranty on all vended cabinet hardmount washer-extractors (20-100 lb. capacity)*

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*The 10-year extended warranty is effective on Huebsch® vended cabinet hardmount washer-extractors with 20 through 100 lb capacities. To qualify, equipment must be manufactured on or after May 15, 2007 (sold or installed in the United States or Canada or sold or installed after January 2014 outside the United States or Canada) (pre-Galaxy design units, models beginning with HC0 and Galaxy™ design units, models beginning with HCN0). Warranty runs from the date of the first installation by the original owner. See your local authorized Huebsch® distributor for additional details. The Huebsch vended cabinet hardmount washer extractor 10-year extended warranty is transferable.

Source of Information Huebsch Website.

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