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Industrial Laundry Equipment

LES offers you a complete line of industrial laundry equipment for OPL facilities in the mid-Atlantic region. LES is a full-service industrial laundry distributor since 1991, and we therefore offer you only the best in parts, equipment and service. Our dedicated team is factory trained and ready to get you the right equipment for your industrial laundry’s needs.

We offer you four brands of industrial laundry equipment. Choose from Huebsch, Speed Queen, Electrolux and Fagor. And with so many options, you are guaranteed to find exactly the right equipment for your facility.


Industrial Laundry Equipment Industries, hotels, doctors, fire department laundry, veterinarian, salons and spas

Industrial Laundry Equipment Brands

Huebsch Command Payment System Logo

Industrial Laundry Equipment Fireman's Gear Drying Cabinet

The Huebsch brand of equipment is built to do the job and it combines speed, strength as well as energy efficiency. Choose from a complete line of industrial washers, dryers, ironers, and more.


Made in the USA

Since 1907 Alliance Laundry Systems has been making quality industrial laundry equipment right here in the USA. As a result, you can enjoy, maximum spinning, faster wash cycles, and up to 30% water savings.

Speed Queen

Industrial Laundry Equipment OPL On Premises Speed Queen SST

Speed Queen is a name you can trust since 1908 in both the home and at work. As a result, this brand offers you larger wash tub, Quantum Gold controls, space saving stack units for industrial laundry areas that are tight on space.

Industrial Electrolux Laundry Equipment Barrier Washers

We offer you Electrolux for its quality, and lightning fast turnaround time, as well as its top quality industrial laundry equipment which comes in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, Electrolux offers you lots of options, choose from barrier, hard mount and soft mount washers. When you want quality equipment and need it fast, this is the equipment for you.

Fagor OPL Laundry Equipment

Fagor OPL Laundry Equipment I10-55 Flatwork Finisher/Ironer

Fagor’s large loading door with 180 degree opening, self-cleaning lint screens and S.A.F.E. system guarantees that this brand has a lot to offer. Not only that, but their washers offer you wet cleaning capabilities for optimum efficiency, as well as the touch plus controls which allows you to to program each machine to suit your laundry’s needs.

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