Laundromat Consulting Services

Giving You Confidence and Trust In Your Laundromat Investment

laundromat consulting services

laundromat consulting services

laundromat consulting services


SINCE 1991

Whether you have selected the ideal laundromat or you need us to choose the location for you, our experience will give you complete confidence in your decision.

You want to be sure that your location will succeed our consulting services will provide you with that peace of mind. After all, it’s our goal to see you succeed.

With nothing to lose, trust your investment to us and do more with LES. We guarantee you’ll be happy.

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Laundromat at Dusk

You have already done all of the work to select the ideal laundromat location/s, but you need to be sure that it will be the best possible location for your new business. That’s where our enhanced consulting services can help.

Our enhanced laundromat consulting services will provide you with the peace of mind that you need. Our team will run reports, and do a complete analysis of your location to make sure that it will be a successful laundromat. And half of your consulting fee will go into the laundromat equipment.

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Premium Consulting Laundromat Startup Services

You want to open a laundromat, but don’t have the time to look for a location. Our laundromat consulting staff will work to bring you only the most ideal locations to choose from.


At LES we guarantee that we can find you the location of your dreams within a year. Plus half of your consulting fee will go into the laundry equipment once we have you the ideal location.

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“Great company. They retooled my laundromat and did a wonderful job. Their service department now helps me keep all of my machines in tip top shape.”

-Amy’s Laundromat

“Since installing the equipment, the LES team and Huebsch representatives have continued to be a very helpful resource. They are available any time I call for help, whether it’s for parts, service or a quick question.”

-M&C Laundromat

“Months of measurements, layouts, ordering and organization put forth and in two weeks all of the machines in the upper and lower level of Spot Hillcrest have been replaced!
This was a very smooth and easy transition for our laundromat attendants and customers because of the expertise of Cameron and his team.”
-Spot Laundromats