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As the current pandemic continues, it’s becoming increasingly harder to increase your laundromat profits and stay positive. After all, almost everyone knows someone with or who has died from the virus. But as a business owner, you have no choice. Positivity is the thing that will keep your business going in the coming year.

So how do you not just keep going, but actually bring in laundromat profits? In this month’s blog, we’ve come up with a couple of ways you can improve your laundromat’s profitability in the coming year.

Cater To Your Customer For Bigger Laundromat Profits

How Chick-Fil-A Creates a Memorable Experience (and Grows Revenue by 13% Annually)

Now more than ever you need to make sure that your laundromat is accommodating. Yes, we all know that laundry is a necessary part of life. But never take it for granted that customers will use your laundromat. Remember that in this day and age, customers always have options. And actually, there’s never been a better time than now to increase your laundromat profits.

  • If your customers are homebound, then offer them a pick-up and delivery service. Keep it within a certain radius of your store so that you can keep up. This will help to keep people safe and their laundry clean too.
  • Some of your customers are elderly or may have a compromised immune system. But they still need clean laundry. So why not set up a parking space for drop-off/pick-up. Just have them send a text or call the store to use your wash, dry, and fold services.

Increase Turns Per Day

Award Staffing Extended Hours | Crystal Office Location - Award Staffing

Gone are the days of crowded laundromats, but you still need to keep your turns per day up, right? Why not spread out your hours so that customers don’t have to cram into the store all at the same time.  If your current hours are 9 am – 11 pm why not change them to 5 am-midnight? Or better yet, open the doors 24 hours. And if you are worried about electric bills, change things up a bit and do your W, D, and fold business during those slower times to keep your equipment turning.

You could also encourage your customers to use your store during slower times by posting updates to FB. Who wouldn’t love to get a post on their phone that says, washers and dryers are open right now and traffic is light. It’s up to you to inspire someone to get up off the couch and do some laundry.

If you’ve found these tips helpful, please comment below.

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