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Payment Systems

Card Concepts Inc.

Card Concepts, Inc.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Card Concepts is a leading innovator of automated payment systems and accessories for the self-service laundromat industry.

Card Concepts Coin less LaundryCard(TM) payment system was developed to give store owners the right tools needed to easily succeed. Custom laundry cards, on-the-fly reporting, custom marketing tools, and remote management abilities are just a few of the unique features LaundryCard(TM) offers

Laundromat Accessories CCI 2nd Generation FasCard Reader accessories

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Huebsch Command Payment System Logo

Huebsch Command Laundromat Accessories

Innovation + Performance

Huebsch now offers you a complete payment system that allows your customers to start their washer right from their phone. This system also allows you to manage your entire store and its income from the comfort of your own home

Huebsch pay and command combine innovation and technology to offer you a convenient, affordable payment system solution.

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The Laundry Boss Logo

The Laundry Boss

21st Century Payment Technology Accessories

“Built by laundry owners for laundry owners, The Laundry Boss is a uniquely innovative system leveraging cloud technology to simplify your business operations while improving efficiency and reducing costs. It’s very likely the most reasonable and valuable improvement you could make to your business.”

The laundry boss payment system laundromat accessories

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Spyder wash a setomatic systems company

Spyder Wash

Contactless Payment Technology

Give your customers a safe and easy way to pay with the Spyder Wash payment system. Update your laundromat and give your customers more ways to pay than ever before. This contactless tap and go payment system excepts a wide variety of payment types. This includes credit/debit, coin, loyalty card, NFC/Mobile Wallet, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. And the loyalty program does not require an app.

Contact LES to get the absolute best pricing on the Spyder Wash laundromat payment system for your laundry today!

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ESD Accessories

Innovative, Flexible Payment Solutions

ESD, Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of mechanical and electronic payment system products used in the self-service laundry industry, the amusement and gaming industry and vending industry. Established in 1969, ESD pioneered the vertical coin slide that became a worldwide standard.

ESD payment system accessories

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Payrange Payment System

The Leading Way To Pay Without Coins

If you are looking for a contactless payment system that is well known, this is it. Payrange is the world’s preferred way to pay a machine. Your customer can pay for their washer/dryer/vending machine without ever leaving the Payrange app. This innovative payment system is a great way to move your laundromat forward.

Payrange app based payment system for laundromat owners

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Carts, Seating & Vending

R&B Wire Products, Inc.

Commercial Laundry Carts, Laundromat Accessories and More

R&B Wire offers a wide variety of products to suit many industries in need of cart transportation or linen storage. Their products are an investment designed to give their customers years of service.

They offer laundry carts of many shapes and sizes, poly linen trucks, basket trucks, laundry hampers, linen carts, garment racks, and other healthcare products. And we can get you the best pricing guaranteed.  Give your laundromat a low-cost upgrade, and make your customer’s work a breeze.


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Royal Basket Trucks Laundry Accessories And Carts

Royal Basket Trucks

Commercial Laundry Baskets And Trucks

“Royal Basket Trucks, Inc. is a leading producer of carts, trucks and containers used in facilities throughout the United States. The Royal brand is recognizable in markets such as material handling, hospitality, healthcare, commercial laundry, education, recycling, athletics, property management, retail, warehousing and distribution.”

Permanent liner basket truck accessories

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Vend-Rite Mfg.

Vend-Rite Mfg. Laundromat Accessories

Commercial Laundry Vending Units

Serving the coin laundry industry since 1952, Vend-Rite manufactures the largest selection of reliable soap vendors available today.

Their products offer your customers convenience and add profit to your laundry business. For over fifty years, Vend-Rite’s focus has been to provide the coin laundry industry with the very best in vending equipment and laundry accessories to improve your laundry business.

Soap and Snack Vending accessories

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Solomatic Quality Coin Laundry Furnishings

Sol-O-matic Laundromat Accessories

Commercial Laundry Furnishings

Creative and flexible laundry furnishing solutions for your laundry facility since 1960. Folding tables, bulk heads, chairs, tables and more in a variety of colors and styles to meet your laundry’s needs. Sol-O-matic combines modern looks, colors and materials to bring you the most innovative laundry furniture.

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Water Heaters & Drain Troughs

High Mark Manufacturing, Inc.

High Mark Manufacturing, Inc.

Bulkheads, Drain Troughs etc…

Highmark Manufacturing is the laundry industry leader of quality, custom made complete bulkhead assemblies, drain trough systems and furniture. Highmark only offers the highest quality products to their customers for longevity and durability.

The complete bulkhead systems offer a simple and easy solution for running utility connections for any make and model of equipment.

Poly formed drain troughs are used within the bulkhead assembly or separate for a clean and neat drain solution regardless of the application.

Laundromat Accessories, coin washer drain trough

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NATCO Commercial Hot Water Heaters

National Combustion

Commercial Hot Water Heaters

NATCO provides commercial water heating systems and whole-building hot water applications. They provide energy saving hot water heaters for all areas of business, including pre-plumbed systems for laundromats, hotels, motels, etc.

NATCO’s high efficiency boilers and condensing water heater systems as well as copper finned atmospheric systems.

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CMV Sharper Finish Flatwork Ironer Logo

CMV Sharper Finish

A Commercial Ironer Company

Offering you over 100 different models of flatwork ironing equipment including ironing, folding and stacking. Their equipment is green and efficient and easy to use.

They specialize in cylinder type ironers, and their equipment is designed and build in Chicago, USA. We trust the sharper finish ironers for all of your laundry’s ironing needs, and are ready to provide you with a quote on the equipment that you need.

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Contact LES

Laundromat Accessories

From the Industry’s Leading Brand Names

Laundry Equipment Services is your one-stop solution for all of your commercial laundromat needs. We distribute laundromat accessories directly to your laundry location. Do you have a laundromat or a commercial laundry business of any type? If you answered yes then please reach out to us. We can help you make informed decisions about what to purchase for your laundry’s needs.

We work hard every day to make sure that your business is profitable and is growing more each day. One way to do that is to improve your customer experience with the most modern laundry accessories. We work with the industry’s leading suppliers to get you the best pricing possible. Whether you want to upgrade your laundry’s payment system or just replace a piece of equipment, our team can get you any accessory you need.

If you think that you can’t afford all new laundromat accessories at this time, think again. Offering your customers clean, new, and modern laundromat accessories will ensure that they come back again and that they tell their friends. You really can’t afford to not have the latest and greatest in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

Most of your customers most likely are using an app for everything. Be sure to keep up with the times and let them pay or even start their laundry equipment right from their phones. Accept all major credit/debit cards, and even offer Apple Pay will put you way ahead of the competition.

Ask about our contactless payment options that allow your customer to tap their card and pay in a safe and fast way. Take advantage of the millions of customers who will be rushing to use contactless payment options.

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