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commercial laundromat making money

Laundry Service Startup in 3 Easy Steps

Your laundromat is making ends meet but that’s all it’s doing. Because of this, you lie awake nights wondering how in the world those 30 washers and 15 dryers can bring in more income? We suggest that a laundry service may be just the solution to all of your problems. And below we’ve given you just a few positive ways that a, correctly implemented laundry service, can impact your bottom line.


Get More From Your Equipment

Chris Clean Laundromat in Cumberland, MD. Installed by Laundry Equipment Services in 2019

When commercial washers and dryers are not being used, they become an expense. So take advantage of that costly downtime by using that same commercial laundry equipment for your laundry service. And by filling that void and using existing downtime, you won’t have to install any new washers or dryers to make more money.


You will want to charge by the pound and may even need to set a minimum dollar amount to make each job worth your time. Plus, you can even charge them a fee for same-day service. Just another way to get more out of your equipment.


Laundry Service Customers = A Broader Reach

Laundry Service Customer Base

A laundry service will reach a world of customers who would never dream of stepping into a laundromat. And you in return, open the door to an entirely new customer base. A customer base with much more income who is looking for a way to spend time doing less. Enter – your company to fill that need.


Your company will be filling a need for customers who are probably driving by your door every day. They pass by your door on their way to work 5 – 7 days a week. And as they drive by, they could drop off their laundry. As a result, your advertising will now be able to reach much further than just your current 3-5 mile radius.


Advertise for Free

Laundry Service Bag


One way to show off your new service is with custom imprinted laundry bags. But don’t give them away, instead, sell the bags to your new laundry customers. You could even offer them a dollar amount off of their next service with you when they buy a laundry bag. You’ve just upsold and guaranteed that they will be coming back soon. Plus your bags will be seen by others and will be free advertising for your service. It’s a win-win way to positively impact your bottom line.


We can help you get started with your custom laundry bags too. Just ask Chuck about ordering custom laundry bags. Or anything else that you may want to get started with this new endeavor.