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Eastern Funding

Eastern Funding, LLC. offers commercial financing solutions that are laundry industry specific. Their experience with the laundry industry makes the finance process smooth and easy from conception to completion. Eastern Funding, LLC. will meet your individual needs of both finance terms and desired amount for project completion in a timely manner.

Huebsch Financial

Backed by the global leader in commercial laundry, Alliance Laundry Systems, Huebsch® has the experience, knowledge and resources to offer unmatched finance solutions designed specifically for the laundry industry. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new store owner, purchasing new equipment or refinancing, Huebsch Financial understands your business and cares about your goals. Our team of laundry experts can develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific needs.

Leave The Financial Work To Us

We’ll help you successfully finance your laundry business.

Whether you’re an expert in the laundry business or starting fresh, rest assured that we make the financial process simple and painless. It’s easy, we provide you with two financing options based on your needs; Eastern Funding, or Huebsch financial. After choosing the best option for you, we start the pre-approval process. If you choose Eastern funding, you win. Or, if you choose Huebsch Financial, you win. It’s really that simple. All of our comprehensive plans are tailored to your specific laundromat needs.


2017 Finance Specials

Huebsch 2017 Finance Promotions

1 – IMPROVED “FINANCE AND SHINE”. Loans $250k & up.

Buy Galaxy 600 on your Washer Extractors and finance with Huebsch Financial and get:
· Free 5-Year Extended Warranty on all large chassis equipment
· Free upgrade to Galaxy 600 on your Tumblers
· Free aesthetics package upgrade. Huebsch Exclusive Halo door rings, chrome handles and stainless steel fronts as well as Cityscape, Citron, or Slate Control overlays.
· This promotion represents a $40,000 value for free!* *based on a 60 unit, $ 551K list price store    

· Approval Deadline is September 30,2017
· Funding Deadline: December 31, 2017
· Standard variable rate of 7.50 % variable
· Interest only and Deferral Periods available
· Veteran Customers only
· No prepayment penalty
· No Security Deposit on Equipment Financing
· Available on loans $ 250,000 and up
· Standard $300 administration fee that will be capitalized into the amount Financed

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE – – You will receive a 1.00%* rebate on your new loan!!! Rebate is credited to the outstanding loan balance at time of funding.
*1.00% of list price of Huebsch Washers & Dryers Purchased
· With the 1.00% rebate the promotion represents over a $ 45,000 value
($ 40,000 + $ 5,510) for free!* * based on a 60 unit, $551K list price store
Payment Factors: Term of :


2. Huebsch 2017 Replacement Finance Promotion. Loans $250K & below.

This special variable rate finance promotion is designed to save you money and help you make
any necessary equipment upgrades to your laundry. There has never been a better time to
upgrade your equipment and maximize your cash flow by offering your customers faster, more
energy efficient laundry equipment. Review the details below and contact your Huebsch
Financial professional or your authorized Huebsch Distributor for more information.
· 90 days deferred (First payment due 90 days after funding)
· Variable interest rate of Prime + 2.00% (Current Rate 5.75%)
· Maximum term of 84 months
· Approval Deadline is June 30, 2017
· Funding Deadline: August 31, 2017
· Veteran Customers only
· No prepayment penalty
· No Security Deposit on Equipment Financing
· Available on loans between $2,500 and $250,000
· Standard $300 administration fee that will be capitalized into the amount financed payment