5 Ways to Market Your Laundromat for the Holidays

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5 Ways to Market Your Laundromat for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season and you are scrambling to keep up with your own family’s festive agenda. So how in the world can you add some festivity to and market your laundromat without adding a ton more work and expense?


Market Your Laundromat With Simplicity

Keep the decorations simple. Your laundromat doesn’t need to look like it’s being entered into a lighting contest in order to be festive. As a matter of fact, a simple wreath on the bathroom door, or a festive garland will more than suffice to cozy up the store. If you want to make your decorations last for a long time don’t do holiday decorations, but instead, decorate for winter.

To add even more bang for your buck, if your brand has a color or theme, be sure to use that in your decorations. After all, a tropically themed laundromat would look super fun with a lighted palm tree and tropical Christmas music.


volunteer holiday opportunities

Get the Customers Involved

This is the ideal time to get your customers and the entire community involved in your laundromat. Put together a toy drive or one of any number of charitable opportunities. We recommend that whatever event you do, it flows back into the community. After all, people want to know where their contributions are going, and this will allow them to give and see the impact too.


Market your laundromat with donations to a worthy cause

Donate To a Cause

Donate a portion of your holiday revenue to a worthy cause. You could even get your customers involved in the planning by taking a poll. Ask them to vote for their favorite charity. Then simply let your customers know that a portion of each wash/dry will go to the cause they’ve chosen.

For even more traction, you could post the organization’s logo (With their permission of course.) on your website so that others can donate too. And since all charitable donations are tax deductible, it’s a great way to share your success with others.


Give a Gift to Market Your Laundromat

You may be cringing at the thought, but gift giving doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be impactful. For example it may be something simple. Like making the soda vending machine free on Christmas Eve. You wouldn’t even have to advertise this. It could just be a sort of sweet surprise that may make a customer’s day brighter.

How about making drying free during the month of December? Keep a bowl of seasonal candy at the drop off laundry counter. Maybe slip a coupon for 25% off a WDF, during the month of January, on top of their folded laundry. Remember, it’s the little things that make a difference.



market your laundromat services

Market Your Laundromat With a Curbside Service

Make your customer’s life easier and invite new customers. This season try offering a curbside drop-off/pick-up option for your WDF business. Guarantee that your customers can get in and out in record time. This will help keep them on the right track for their own festivities. Your staff could even wear a Santa or elf hat during the month of December. All are great ways to put customers in an even jollier mood.


At this festive time of the year, don’t get overwhelmed and miss out on the opportunity to make your laundromat shine the brightest. Implement a simple, festive plan to market your laundromat well and end your year on a happy note.







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