Huebsch On Premise Commercial Laundry Equipment

On Premise Commercial Laundry Equipment

Huebsch offers you heavy duty, top-quality commercial washers and tumble dryers. Made in the USA in Ripon, WI. Huebsch is built to order, and gives you options to fully customize the look of the equipment. You can give your laundry an updated asthetic appeal and still maintain quality and durability.

Performance Saves $

Our high-performance Huebsch on premise commercial laundry equipment delivers unmatched efficiency.  And you can choose from a variety of options like, reversing tumblers and overdry prevention technology.

All of these benefits combined make Huebsch the ultimate choice in on premise laundry equipment. Save your company loads of money and your housekeeping staff tons of time.

If you are in need of commercial washers and tumble dryers, you will want a Huebsch.

Available in white and stainless, fully customizable.

Made in the USA American Flag

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On Premise Commercial Laundry Equipment - Huebsch Benefits

On Premise Huebsch Washer Benefits

  • Faster Wash Cycle.
  • Maximum Spinning for Faster Drying.
  • Heavy Duty for Extended Life.
  • External Liquid Chemical Manifold.
  • Superior Efficiency and Economy.
  • Up to 30% Water Savings on Half Loads.
  • Compass Pro Customization.

On Premise Huebsch Dryer Benefits

  • Standard Reversing Drum.
  • Faster Maintenance.
  • Longer Machine Life.
  • Higher Productivity.
  • Best Drying Results (up to 12% faster drying).
  • Faster and Easier Serviceability.
  • More Energy Savings (25% energy savings).


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