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OPL Laundry Equipment Updates

Save your company loads of time and money by upgrading your laundry equipment to use today’s latest and greatest technology. OPL laundry equipment updates including overdry prevention technology or OPT. Are you wondering how something so innovative could save you money? If so, read on because we guarantee that you will want to make this change to your laundry room.

OPT new vs old towels linen damage example

OPT offers you 31% less fiber loss

OPL Laundry Equipment Updates – OPT Money Savings

Tumble drying does a LOT of damage to your laundry. If your laundry staff is over-drying the laundry on a daily basis, the life of your linens is greatly reduced. That means that your par of sheets and towels will have to be replaced more frequently which will cost you a lot of money. Remember that if you are taking a lot of lint out of your dryer and duct work you may be destroying your linens prematurely.

OPT lint buildup

The more lint that you produce, the more duct cleanings you’ll need per year.

OPL Laundry Equipment Updates – More Ways To Save

Keep in mind that linen life is not the only money drainer in your laundry room. The extra amount of time that your dryer is running, is significantly driving up your energy consumption costs. As a matter of fact, some companies were able to decrease their dry time by 48 minutes per load. This decrease saved them a whopping $3993.00 yearly utility costs*.

So why would you spend all of that extra money on linen replacement? Not to mention utility and labor costs, when for just a little bit of money up front, your equipment will be saving you loads of time and money.

OPL Laundry Equipment Updates Lower Energy Consumption 60,181,818 BTUS Saved Per Year

Huebsch And OPT!

Replacing your old tumble dryers with new OPT technology is the smart thing to do. From the control panel – where you can set your own custom dryness levels, to the dryer drum – where sensors send uninterrupted signals to the switch, to the finished laundry – that comes out DRY, not damp and not scorching

Huebsch OPT gives you less maintenance, lower utility costs (60,181,818 BTUS SAVED PER YEAR**), and 31% less fiber loss which equals fewer linen replacements!

Sound interesting? Call or Email us, we’ll be happy to tell you more about this amazing technology. We can even run some numbers to see how much money OPT can save YOU!

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  • *Alliance Laundry Systems University (ALSU)
  • ** Assumes over-drying of 10 loads per day in a 75 lb tumble dryer, 7 days per week,
    6 minutes over-dry per load and a national average of $1.10 per therm.