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What Is OPT

OPT And Innovation

How often do you adjust the temperature at home?

Have you ever looked at that box or dial on your wall and wondered about its history?

Warren Seymour Johnson

The man behind that control was Warren Seymour Johnson.

Interesting fact about Warren: he was a professor in Wisconsin. And was tired of his winter classes being consistently interrupted by the janitor checking the temperature of each classroom. If the janitor felt the room was too hot or too cold he would then adjust the room’s dampers before moving on to the next room.

Warren Johnson OPT thermostat invention

Johnson worked for three years on an invention to alleviate this classroom distraction. And he got his first patent in 1883 for an “Electric Tele-Thermoscope”.  The Thermoscope was attached to the furnace dampers and opened or shut them depending on the room’s temperature. The janitor now had MUCH more free time and Johnson had a quiet classroom AND a whole new industry!

Want to know another interesting fact? The dryers in your laundry take money and resources to operate! Hopefully, as the business owner, that didn’t come as a shock.


OPT new vs old towels linen damage example

Want to know yet another interesting fact? Tumble drying does a LOT of damage to you (and your customer’s) linens. Don’t believe us? Go take a look at your dryer ducts – we’ll wait patiently…

OPT lint buildup

What did you find? LINT!! Dryer lint is microscopic evidence that the high heat and tumbling action removes fibers from your clothing. By the way, we do duct cleaning too.

Curious about how all these facts fit together?



Huebsch And OPT!

OPT heat sensor

Johnson’s Thermoscope led to pressure valves, then multi-room thermostats and eventually to sensors so small that Huebsch can fit numerous ones in to dryer drums and create their innovative Over-dry Protection Technology (OPT)


Huebsch OPT Galaxy control panel


From the control panel – where you can set your own custom dryness levels, to the dryer drum – where sensors send uninterrupted signals to the switch, to the finished laundry – that comes out DRY, not damp and not scorching


Huebsch and OPT


Huebsch OPT gives you less maintenance, lower utility costs (60,181,818 BTUS SAVED PER YEAR*), and 31% less fiber loss which equals fewer linen replacements!


Sound interesting? Call or Email us, we’ll be happy to tell you more about this amazing technology. We can even run some numbers to see how much money OPT can save YOU!



* Assumes over-drying of 10 loads per day in a 75 lb tumble dryer, 7 days per week,
6 minutes over-dry per load and a national average of $1.10 per therm.