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Pandemic Causes Major Issues For Laundry Industry

The current pandemic is most definitely a major, major issue when it comes to small chassis commercial laundry equipment. All small chassis equipment is out 6 months + at this moment in time. In addition to that, large chassis equipment is also out an extended lead time. Lead time has almost doubled. It used to take 4 to 5 weeks for large chassis turn around and they are now out roughly 8 weeks.

Inflation effecting laundromat installation projects due to the pandemic.


Pandemic Increases Building Costs

Another effect that the pandemic has had on the laundry industry, is the price of building materials. The inflated costs are directly affecting the construction of laundromats. As a matter of fact, some new laundromat construction projects have been put on hold or cancelled completely. What made sense a year ago with financing, just doesn’t line up with today’s increasing costs.

For instance, speaking with a contractor recently about a forthcoming install, he bought all his building material (studs, drywall, plywood, etc.) and it cost him literally twice as much as it did for a project we just wrapped up 30 to 60 days ago. This is adversely affecting how we operate on the new build and to a portion of renovations as well.

Dealing with Delays – Jason Love Files


Why You Should Purchase Today

We encourage you to get your equipment purchases made today. With the continuous price increases from the manufacturers for washers, dryers and ancillary items, projects are being priced out. It is a real concern for all involved. We realize that it’s not just affecting the laundry industry, it’s hitting home with every industry. However, if you are making the move into the laundry industry, LES strongly suggests that you don’t delay on getting your orders placed today. Take advantage of all the specials that they have to offer as lead times may continue to increase, and costs will most likely continue to rise.

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