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A Pandemic Safe Laundromat

You’re just about ready to build a shiny new laundromat. It’s been your dream for years, and now it’s finally going to happen. You couldn’t be more thrilled, but then, overnight the world changes, and you’re left scrambling to get help. In this article, we outline the 3 key areas necessary to build a pandemic safe laundromat for today and the future.


Pandemic safe laundromat with contactless payment systems







A Contactless Pandemic Safe Laundromat

From the start, LES can make your laundromat a contactless environment from the front doors to the bathroom trash. Build your pandemic safe laundromat tough, and efficient without sacrificing longevity.

  • Automatic entry doors not only keep your customer’s hands clean but it also frees them up for carrying in their laundry. A sanitation station near the front door can promote proper gear and methods within your clean store.
  • Contactless payment systems are quickly becoming a must because they allow your customer to start the machine right from their phone, and they can even monitor the machine’s progress directly from their phone so that they can wait in the car if they want.
  • Safe restrooms need a lot of care and attention when planning your laundromat. For a safer place, put hand wipes near the outside bathroom doorknob so that customers can enter safely. Once inside, touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers are more affordable than ever, and they help to keep your facility cleaner than before. Finally, the customer needs to get out into the store without touching the doorknob. Place your trash bin and a touchless towel dispenser near the door so that they can grab a towel, open the door, and put it in the trash.




A Safe Distance For Folding

Your customer spends most of their time in the waiting and folding areas of the laundromat. Be sure to take the time, in the beginning, to properly design the store’s layout to make it a pandemic safe laundromat in every way. We can help with that design using 3D design technology, and our experience to make this process easy. Keep in mind that a properly designed store will help manage the traffic flow. It will also keep the seating and folding areas a safe place to be.





Proper Equipment Is Vital

When designing your laundromat, LES will make sure that your store will have the proper equipment. We will choose equipment for efficiency, sanitation, usability, and longevity. The laundromat’s equipment needs to get the clothes cleaner than ever, but at the same time make the store profitable. You will also want to include more large capacity machines in order to handle the more frequently washed comforters.

Higher heats and more hot water washes are being used more than ever before. Heat in combination with chemicals to properly kill germs are very important. Therefore, your boiler and dryers need to be more efficient than ever. Efficiency will keep your customer happy and your profits up.

Ozone equipment, air purifying systems, and UV lighting can also play a part in keeping your new laundromat a pandemic safe place to do laundry. LES can recommend the best equipment and plan all of this into your new store.

At LES you don’t have to fear the unknown. We will work with you through this entire process, and design a modern, pandemic safe laundromat for your future.


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