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Have you checked out our Preventive Maintenance?

Now is about that time to have your machines serviced and repaired.

For your Investment – Complete Cleaning, Inspection & Testing of your Equipment

It only takes a couple of hours but can prolong the life of your machines.

Preventive Maintenance can :

  • Reduce the possibility of dryer fires;
  • Identify a problem and prevent it from becoming serious, i.e., servicing and/or replacement of high usage parts to eliminate “Down Time”
  • Help equipment run at peak performance to reduce utility and labor costs; saving you a lot of money and providing peace of mind.
  • Help extend the life of your equipment.
  • Reduce Drying Time – Increase Production
  • Remember it’s easy to forget regular maintenance; we don’t forget!
  • Scheduled at Your Convenience Quarterly or Semi-Annually

Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Phone 800- 866 -6905

To request information or receive a quote by e-mail info@leslaundry.com
Fax your request to 301-790-0009


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