Preventive Maintenance

It's like an oil change for your car!

Our preventive maintenance program can:

  • Reduce the possibility of dryer fires
  • Identify a problem and prevent it from becoming serious, i.e., servicing and/or replacement of high usage parts to eliminate “down time”
  • Help equipment run at peak performance to reduce utility and labor costs; saving you a lot of money and providing peace of mind.
  • Help extend the life of your equipment.
  • Reduce drying time – increase production
  • Remember it’s easy to forget regular maintenance; we don’t forget!
  • Scheduled at your convenience quarterly or semi-annually




Q: What Is Preventive Maintenance?

A: We have our Alliance certified trained service technician disassemble your laundry equipment. They will inspect the belts, door gaskets, handles, hoses, drains, mounting studs, bearings, flush bins, solenoid valves, level switches, clutches, inverters, motors, lint screens, wiring harnesses, burner assemblies, blowers, timers, gas valves, thermostats, and exhaust ducts.

Adjustments will be made, if needed to your belts, flames, locks and switches and lubricate where and when necessary. A routine gas check will be done to ensure there are no gas leaks. On certain machines, the tech will drain the oil and replace with new.

The service tech will clean your equipment and remove the excessive lint buildup and/or debris. Finally, your machines will be tested for proper operation. Management will be advised in writing, of any worn or broken parts that need to be replaced or may need replaced in the near future.

Q: How Does Preventive Maintenance Help Me?

A: The most important reason for you to have preventive maintenance performed is for safety. It is highly recommended that this service be completed, at the very least, every six months. This helps prevent any potential fire hazards that may arise from unclean or faulty equipment.

When your commercial laundry equipment is working properly it consumes fewer utilities which in turn saves you money. Clean and properly operating equipment also decreases the time it takes to complete a load of laundry which decreases labor and all payroll expenses.

Catching worn parts before they break can save you down time, additional money, and undue stress. But most of all, you’ll have peace of mind that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Arrangements can be made to have the preventive maintenance completed around your work schedule.