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Laundromat Utility and Repair Costs

The year was 1934:

Franklin Roosevelt was president

Bonnie and Clyde were alive and well

Shirley Temple starred in her first movie and Donald Duck in his first cartoon and washing machines were a new and, VERY expensive, invention.

However, a man in Texas, named J.F. Cantrell, decided to solve that problem! He opened America’s first laundromat, “Washateria”, in Ft. Worth.  His customers rented washers BY THE HOUR and then took the laundry home for drying. 

Do you feel like your laundry equipment might be FROM that original Washeteria?

Do you think that your machines might be simply washing your profits down the drain?

Guess what? You may be right!

Sometimes there is only one good thing about old machines: they’re paid for!


Washing money down the drain

After an answer like that, you may be wondering what you should do next! Here are some ideas to help lower your utility and repair costs:

Equipment Analysis

Start with a very simple equipment analysis by looking at a year’s worth of utility receipts. Add up those figures and compare them with your revenue for that same period. The national average is, 20% – 25% of laundromat revenue goes to pay utilities. If your number is higher, you need to look more closely at your machines. Keep in mind that new equipment IS more efficient, and WILL save you money. Sometimes the savings will be substantial. You can also call us to request an equipment analysis today, below is an example of one for you.

Huebsch utility analysis


A VERY good way to tell if your equipment is ready to replace (apart from every washer being tagged out of order) is to look at your recent repair bills. Are you beginning to worry that the next repair bill will take way more than you made? As a business owner, you should ALWAYS have an idea of what replacements would cost. (Call LES and we’ll be glad to help you figure out those numbers!) AND if you’ve been getting routine preventive maintenance services from us, you should have an idea of WHEN – not IF – you’re due for a large repair bill.

Machines Out of Service

Aging machines can mean that replacement parts are more expensive and harder, if not impossible to find. Eventually, that repair bill will be larger than your replacement cost figure from LES. At that point, it simply becomes a smart business decision to replace! But we encourage you to make that decision before your equipment is down so that your business isn’t down too.

If you are in doubt, call us and we can give you a repair vs. replacement quote.

Customer getting old while waiting fro laundry to finish


Have you been noticing a decline in loyal customers, or are they getting old waiting for their laundry to finish? Are your employees unhappy with their work? Your equipment could be at fault in this area as well. We all know that aging washers and dryers take longer to do their job. This increased time trickles down to your customers and employees! A customer doesn’t want to spend their entire life in front of your machines – they want to get done and go on to more fun things! They WILL find a laundromat with faster equipment!

Your employees using the equipment want to get things accomplished as well.  Do they have to try various machines to find one that works properly? Are they having to wash or dry things multiple times to finish ONE LOAD? Those conditions don’t make a very cheerful work environment.

Look At Your Washer

So we encourage you to go ahead and REALLY LOOK at your washers and dryers. Are the utility and repair costs more than you are making? Are there some washers and tumblers that are just sitting there because replacement parts are obsolete? Maybe your washers and tumblers are in an unsafe condition for your customers or employees? Give LES a call and we’ll help YOUR “washeteria” start saving and making you money again!