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washer, preventive maintenanceWhat is Preventive Maintenance?

Did you know that maintaining your commercial laundry equipment doesn’t have to become a headache? Let Laundry Equipment Services, Inc take the guesswork and headaches out of maintaining your equipment. Now that we have your attention, you may wonder what the Preventive Maintenance is and what does it entail?

Laundry Equipment Services, Inc has a comprehensive service department that is the backbone of our company. Their desire to maintain our customers’ commercial laundry equipment at peak performance is second to none with every one of our technicians being factory trained and certified.

LES, Inc. recognizes how important it is to keep your commercial washers and dryers running as efficient as possible with minimal downtime and this is why we offer all of our customers a Preventive Maintenance Service. Think of your PM (Preventive Maintenance) Service like routine oil changes with your car. Would you drive your car every day, month after month throughout the year without performing routine oil changes? We know you wouldn’t drive that car, so why would you use your expensive laundry equipment without maintaining it?

Let’s face it, commercial laundry equipment is expensive and the last thing you would want to happen is for it to be not operational. These washers, dryers, and ironers are necessary for your business to operate and we want to keep them in top operating condition. Consider the money you have invested in these pieces of equipment and the Return on Investment for each.

What is Our Preventive Maintenance

When you schedule a Preventive Maintenance with Laundry Equipment Services, we will make sure that your equipment is taken care of.

The Preventive Maintenance for a Washer includes:

  • Check the operation of washer belts, motors, solenoid valves, handles, computer switches, drain assemblies, door seals, fuses, and mounting studs
  • Washer PM Service is $125

The Preventive Maintenance for a Dryer includes:

  • Disassemble dryer, extensively clean all lint/debris
  • Check belts, gaskets, motors, burner assemblies, lint screens, timers, switches, gas valves, bearings, drive trains, blowers, wiring harness & controls
  • Lubricate when necessary, make necessary adjustments
  • Drive belts, lint screens, & small miscellaneous parts will be replaced
  • Perform routine check for gas leaks that may be present
  • Dryer PM Service is $175

The Preventive Maintenance for Ironer includes:

  • Complete and thorough inspection will be tested through entire operation
  • Utilities inspected and tested
  • Grease joints will be lubricated
  • Feed ribbons, return ribbons, and padding will be inspected and tested
  • Burner assembly, safety switches, electronic controls, blower assembly will be tested and inspected
  • Drive train will be inspected and tested
  • Ironer PM Service is $225

PM prices do not include parts that may be required.

All services can be done Quarterly, Tri-Annually, Bi-Annually, and Annually. For more information regarding the PM Services, please call our Service Coordinator,  Matt Lyda at 1-800-866-6905.