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Pandemic Causes Delays With Laundry Equipment

Pandemic Causes Major Issues For Laundry Industry The current pandemic is most definitely a major, major issue when it comes to small chassis commercial laundry equipment. All small chassis equipment is out 6 months + at this moment in time. In addition to that, large chassis equipment is also out an extended lead time. Lead […]

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Coin Laundry By The Makers Of Speed Queen

Coin Laundry Equipment You collect the money from your coin washers and dryers, keep them clean and serviced. But generally, you don’t give you laundry equipment too much thought. So maybe you don’t realize all that your laundry equipment can do for you. Or, what it has to offer your customers. Coin laundry equipment today […]

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Utility And Repair Costs

The year was 1934: Franklin Roosevelt was president Bonnie and Clyde were alive and well Shirley Temple starred in her first movie and Donald Duck in his first cartoon and washing machines were a new and, VERY expensive, invention. However, a man in Texas, named J.F. Cantrell, decided to solve that problem! He opened America’s […]

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