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We sell only top-of-the-line Huebsch® vended washer extractors because of their superior quality.

Made in the USA, Alliance Laundry Systems has been making vended washers and dryers since 1908.

Galaxy Control for Huebsch Vended Washer Extractors

Vended Washer Extractors A Galaxy All Their Own

Huebsch offers the laundromat industry a best-in-class washer and dryer experience. As a matter of fact, their innovation is the most modern in the industry.

Vended washers offer you Galaxy controls to give you time of day pricing, and allow you to easily work from anywhere.

Speed Queen Vended Washer Extractors

Speed Queen Vended Washers

Not only do we offer a complete line of Huebsch washers and dryers, we also offer a stack washer/dryer unit by Speed Queen.

Speed Queen’s stack washer dryer unit helps to put quality, commercial laundry equipment into the tightest spaces.

The SST features the Quantum Touch Control providing a user friendly experience. Available in 30+ languages, it features 15 cycle options for the washer and 5 for the dryer.

Homestyle Vended Washers

If you need vended washers and dryers, but need a smaller footprint. We offer a complete line of homestyle washers and dryers.

hfn galaxy Huebsch washer for guest laundry and multi-housing
  • HWN
    • Vended Top Load Washer with Galaxy 600 Controls.
  • HTE
    • Vended Stack Washer-Dryer unit offering 440 G-Force.
  • HSE
    • Vended Stack Dryers featuring fast drying time and 7.0 cu ft and 18lb capacity.
  • HFN
    • Front Load Washer with inner and outer stainless steel tubs.
  • HDE
    • Vended Single dryer with large, reversible doors and fast drying times.
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Fully Customizable Vended Washer Extractors

Each washer and dryer is fully customizable in every way. Choose the capacity, G-force, payment type, control options, stainless or white and so much more.

Our sales team can help you get the washer extractor that is perfect for your laundromat or guest laundry facility.

So whether you need a single washer or an entire laundromat full of them, we’ve got what you need. You won’t find any better equipment in the industry, so give us a call today!

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