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Who Uses OPL Equipment?

In the world of commercial laundry equipment, there are two channels of equipment coin/vend and OPL. While most people are familiar with the coin/vend laundry equipment, there is some question about what OPL laundry equipment is and what it’s used for. I mean, why wouldn’t you just go to Lowes and buy a washer or dryer for your business?



OPL =  On-Premise Laundry, also known as Push To Start equipment.

OPL – Commercial grade on-premise laundry equipment used for commercial laundry operations built to withstand the rigors of continuous, daily use.


Who Uses This Type Of Laundry Equipment?

Laundry Service Customer Base

Anyone who needs commercial-grade laundry equipment in their business, but does not require payment to do so. Hotels, motels, hospitals, salons, spas, gyms, farms, veterinarians, doctors, restaurants, extended care facilities, nursing homes and more. If you own a business and have loads of laundry to do, then you will use commercial OPL equipment.


Why Not Big-Box Stores?

We know how convenient the big box stores are to you and your business. Believe us, we use them too for our homes but just do the math when it comes to your business. Figuring that you will have to replace your homestyle washer and dryer every year, or even every other year is like throwing away $1000.00 a year just to do laundry, and they usually don’t come with a warranty of any kind.

sorting linens to properly store linens

That’s where commercial laundry equipment makes the difference. This equipment is built to last, and to withstand daily use. Plus, it automatically comes with a factory warranty for your peace of mind. So while you may be thinking that you can’t afford commercial equipment, think again. What you can’t afford, is homestyle equipment. It will cost you a lot more in the end.



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